Graphical Java frontend for SANE (Scanner Access Now Easy).

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A powerful SANE frontend

SwingSane is a powerful, cross platform, open source Java front-end for using Scanner Access Now Easy (SANE) back-ends. The most powerful feature is its ability to query back-ends for scanner specific options which can be set by the user as a scanner profile. It also has support for authentication, mutlicast DNS discovery, simultaneous scan jobs, image transformation jobs (deskew, binarize, crop, etc), PDF and PNG output. It can also be integrated with your own Java application.

Watch the YouTube video: "Why SwingSane?"

See it in action

More SwingSane videos are on the SwingSane YouTube channel.

Share scanners on Ubuntu and Mac OS X

Installing SANE on Ubuntu.

Install a SANE backend on Mac OS X.

Connect to your shared scanners with SwingSane

Connect to a SANE backend on the same computer or over a network.

First, edit the saned.conf of your SANE backend. Make sure you allow access for SwingSane to connect on your local network. Also fix any firewall access issues for sane if required (e.g. ufw allow saned). Click "detect" to search for shared scanners (note: must be running SANE as a daemon. Do not use inet.d). Click "add" to add a scanner by IP address manually.


SwingSane is free and licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.


Debian/Ubuntu (Multi-Arch)

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Requires Mac OS X 10.8 or newer.

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Requires Windows Vista or newer.

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or run directly from the jar file...

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You don't need an installer to run SwingSane, just use java to run the from the command line:

java -jar swingsane-0.2.jar

Use it with your own Java application

SwingSane was originally created to provide Linux scanner support for FormReturn OMR Software.

Now you can use it in your own software, for free! (Apache 2.0 licensed).

This YouTube video discusses how to use SwingSane in your Java Application.

Community discussion group

If you're looking for help with SwingSane, head on over to the SwingSane discussion group on Google Groups.

Find this project on GitHub. | Artwork derived from the SANE Logo - http://www.skamphausen.de/cgi-bin/ska/SANE_Logo

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